Horton Community Farm

Community-driven food growing in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

This year the scheme was a collaboration between HCF volunteers and the Square Mile Project who were granted funding for equipment by UnLtd. We expanded to three separate picks and three juicing sessions. Over twenty different volunteers took part. Picks happened in Nab Wood, Great/Little Horton and at the brilliant Springfield Community Gardens scarecrow festival event.

Trees were shaken into tarpaulins held out beneath and windfalls were 'hoovered up' with incredible gadgets called 'apple wizards'. These are long handled, wire cage-like rollers, shaped like rugby balls which splay open when rolled over apples. The apples collect within the wire cage rollers like a lottery ball machine! Enormous fun and back saving too. Remaining apples on the tree were picked with extendable apple pickers. The juicer, borrowed from Bradford Environmental Education Service is a great piece of traditional kit and the apple juice was delicious.

Many, many boxes worth of apples were saved from rotting on the ground. Some were donated to projects such as Horton Housing homeless shelter and also the various groups that use the Bradford Resource Centre such as the Red Cross, the Biasan asylum seekers project and the Claimants CafĂ©. Some were also given to volunteers and the remaining windfalls were juiced at West Bowling Community Orchard's fantastic Apple Day.  Thanks to all the tree owners who kindly let us make use of their unwanted apples.